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Sports Liniment Benefits – Cool N Tite

Sports Liniment Benefits – Cool N Tite

Every horse, and rider for that matter, gets tired, sore and bruised muscles, ligaments, tendons due to the rigors of exercising and competing. Training and competing during the summer months potentially adds more stress to the soft tissues due to the hardness of the ground.

The key to a quick recovery is to reduce the swelling and inflammation plus enhance the blood flow to the affected area so the body’s immune system can remove any damaged tissue and lay down new. Cooling the legs in water is a great way to cool down hot and hard worked legs – especially if you can wander through a river or walk through the waves at a beach. This may not be practical at all times, especially when competing and what is then needed is a topical application of a cooling and soothing cream that also promotes circulation as well as having antimicrobial activity to reduce the risk of infections on any small cuts or lesions.


Xtra Strength Sport Liniment for Horses and Riders.

BetaVet COOL N TITE Sport Liniment for Horses and Riders is a scientifically formulated potent cooling liniment. The cream contains pure essential oils and herbal extracts that

help to tighten tendons and reduce muscle aches, pain, swelling and bruising. The formula is unique in that it has a ‘cooling feel’ when applied but in reality it has a significant circulatory stimulant effect. The essential oils of Peppermint and Wintergreen provide this ‘cooling feel’ – they are termed rubificients or counterirritants. This cooling effect is very useful for deeper inflammation such as in the muscles, ligaments or joints. This is an ideal topical treatment for hard working legs and joints.

The addition of Aloe Vera gel and Arnica Montana to the cream also adds to the anti –inflammatory effect. Interestingly clinical studies indicate that Aloe Vera has an ability to promote or accelerate wound healing which is particularly useful when there are small cuts or abrasions. To support Aloe Vera’s action we have also added Tea tree oil which acts as an antimicrobial to assist in the treatment and prevention of any infectious agents from taking hold. The cooloing effects of the cream will also be useful for skin rash, heat rash, insect bites and stings.

Dani Maurer, 2010 and 2011 Young Rider Winner, applies the COOL n TITE to Blue Rinse, her high performance horse under the saddle, along the back and rump not only after exercise but also before to improve the circulation.

It is an ideal product to use instead of poulticing on horses in low level work but as an adjunct under poulticing in high performance horses.

This makes BetaVet’s COOL N TITE a very potent cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial formulation and a ‘must have on hand’ for every horse’s first aid kit.

By the way – it is perfectly fine to use on the riders as well!Wintergreen



Aloe Gel

Arnica extract

Peppermint Oil

Wintergreen Oil

Tea Tree Oil

– in an aqueous cream base

No need to wash off. Can be applied before and/or after competing, stabling, travelling. Used and recommended by top-ranked New Zealand competitors.

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