Charmayne James SMx OrthoSport Pad

This pad combines the benefits of our breathable and shock-absorbent SMx Air Ride™ material with OrthoSport™ features to create an unrivaled barrel pad. Additional layers of SMx Air Ride™ material are strategically placed in the dished out areas behind the shoulders of horses with high withers and strong shoulders to create a greatly improved saddle fit from front to back.


SMx Air Ride OrthoSport Pad

SMx Orthosport pads are premium, contoured saddle pads that provide the essential fit that prominent-withered, strong-shouldered horses need to achieve an optimum level of comfort. With a second layer of shock absorbing material strategically located in the dished-out area behind the shoulders, this pad creates a greatly improved saddle fit from front to back.


SMx Air Ride Premium Comfort Fit Pad

Finally a saddle pad ergonomically designed to fit the horse in every step of its construction. The Premium Comfort-Fit™ Western Pad is hand woven in one piece to conform to the horse’s back eliminating the need for cuts, seams and re-stitching. This results in a more streamlined pad that moves and bends with the horse’s natural gait.


SMx Air Ride All-Round

The SMx Air Ride is lightweight, breathable and highly shock absorbent. This pad is designed for riders who want a little more padding between their horse and saddle. The heavy-duty 3/4 inch core allows even air circulation in every direction, resulting in accelerated head dispersion and moisture evaporation. The horse feels less heat and cools off faster, increasing overall performance. Pads feature a fleece lining that is easy to clean and dries quickly.


Wrangler 20X Roper II Pad

Need a good everyday pad? The 20X Roper II pad is constructed with a dense 3/4" thick felt bottom with a layer of SMx Air Ride material on top, right under the saddle bars. Contoured shape, cutouts at the withers and latigos, ensure a perfect fit and requires little to no break-in time.


Syd Hill Half Breed

Syd Hill synthetic crossbreed saddle. The half breed saddle combines the best elements of both Western and Australian style saddles. It has the swinging fenders, fleece panels, and rigging system of a Western saddle, but the secure poleys and compact size of an Aussie saddle.


Hackamore Chrome Plated

Chrome plated steel cheek hackamore. Noseband will adjust to fit most horses. Gentle action hackamore.


Bates Kimberley CS Stock Saddle

Tougher than ever, the Bates Kimberley CS Stock saddle is the world's most comfortable stock saddle. It's also the world's most technologically advanced stock saddle for superior fit, comfort and performance. Ideal saddle for trail riding, breaking horses, or working on the station. Provides instantaneous comfort and great support in the saddle.


Bates Kimberley Swinging Fender

The world's most technologically advanced swinging fender stock saddle for superior fit, comfort and performance. Offers even greater comfort and contact for trail riding, breaking horses or working on the station. Provides instantaneous comfort and great support in the saddle.


Roma Pocket Saddle Pad

Roma cotton saddle pad with built in pocket on each side. Practical and handy for storing your necessities.


Wintec Pro Stock CS Saddle Cair

A stock saddle that combines comfort with performance features, ideal for riders who prefer extra security and comfort in a stock saddle. Provides luxury and grip through the equi-suede. Offers convenience and durability with equi-leather.