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Bates Pony AP Saddle Cair


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Item Description

High performance pony saddle featuring the latest in saddle design and technology.

Developed for poinies and young riders with comfortable supportive seat for confidence.

Maximises comfort and performance of your pony.

Features include ergonomic stirrup bar, flexibloc system, Cair panels and easy change gullet system. The adjustable Y girthing enables customised adjustment for your horse’s individual conformation and maximises saddle stability, as it secures the saddle from both the front and back.

All Bates Saddles feature a generous panel designed to ensure a large ‘footprint’ on the horse’s back, maximising the weight-bearing surface of the saddle and resulting in a reduction in pressure per sq cm/inch and increased comfort for the horse. Coupled with a wide and even chamber, the performance panels support the horse’s working muscles, and maximise movement in the shoulder area.


The Bates tree features a rigid head to maintain clearance over your horse’s wither, while possessing lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscular movement with every stride. The lateral flexion, combined with the unique anatomic shaping of the tree, ensures the saddle does not impede on the horse’s working muscles. Precision engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical, and ultra durable.


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