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Useful Herbs to Combat Colds & Viruses

Autumn and winter can be a miserable time when there are colds and viruses circulating freely amongst our horses. Herbs can be a wonderful natural remedy for such situations and prevention is a great place to start.

Introducing Mud Stop - Mud Fever Solution

Mud Stop® is a unique “water activity control” approach to managing Mud Fever and Rain scald – and you don’t have to pick the scabs off!

UVEX - protecting people:

German company Uvex are leaders in helmet innovation and protection. They use only the highest quality products, which meet the highest safety standards. They have been doing this for over 80 years. You will find Uvex helmets at top place on the winner’s podium in motorsport, cycling, skiing and equestrian sports.

Penny Castle Update

Clarke McKenzie Sponsored Rider Penny Castle has been kept very busy over the last few months. With the sale of Gym Star One last year, Penny has been looking for the right new horse to take forward. The search is now over and Penny tells us she is delighted with her new horse, Magnus Spero.

The Older Horse and Pony

The average horse lives to be approximately 20 years of age, although many ponies and a few horses live for 30 years. Older horses and ponies need a little extra care to ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

Sports Liniment Benefits - Cool N Tite

Every horse, and rider for that matter, gets tired, sore and bruised muscles, ligaments, tendons due to the rigors of exercising and competing. Training and competing during the summer months potentially adds more stress to the soft tissues due to the hardness of the ground.

June Prize Pack Winner

Congratulations to June Prize Pack Winner, Courtney Goodwin. Courtney is from Casebrook in Christchurch and tells us the win couldn’t have come at a better time as she is in her 3rd year uni student and new gear is a real luxury right now!  Plus how nice to put a smile on the face of [...]

Sponsored Rider Brent Jury

Brent evented competitively as a youngster, but let it go in his 20′s. He hunted and whipped for Brackenfield Hunt until partner Julie steered him back into eventing about six years ago. Brent says it was like he’s never been away from it. His big 17.1 TB mount is aptly named SE Big (SE after their farm, Striding Edge). Big is a careful show jumper and working on strengthening his dressage phase with coach Penny Castle.

Sponsored Rider Penny Castle

Clarke McKenzie’s newest Sponsored Rider is dressage super-talent Penny Castle. Penny’s many accomplishments include New Zealand Eventing’s Dressage Coach, selected for 2012 High Performance Dressage Squad, ESNZ high performance dressage coach, Sparc Scholarship recipient for performance coaching as well as being a sought after coach for eventers and dressage riders throughout New Zealand.

Penny has had an amazing season on Gymstar One and has been riding in a CMK Platinum dressage saddle. With the sale of Gymstar One, Penny is now focused on finding her next super-star mount. Join us here for updates from Penny as we follow along with her on her journey to the top.

Mud Fever - What is it?

Mud Fever, also known as greasy heel or dermatophilosis, is a skin infection caused by Dermatophilous congolensis – a micro-organism that is best described as a cross between a bacteria and a fungus. The organism is a normal inhabitant of the skin of horses. For an infection to occur, two predisposing factors must be present: